Representative Clients
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  • The nation's largest for-profit hospital operator in the United States, which operates about 170 hospitals domestically and abroad, primarily in high-growth urban and suburban markets
  • A subsidiary of a large German electronics manufacturer that produces and markets a wide range of medical equipment
  • A company providing managed health care and other medical coverage to more than 6 million members in 27 states, offering HMO, PPO, Medicare, and Medicaid plans and health coverage for about 3 million military and government personnel
  • One of the largest hospice providers in the United States, which operates about 80 hospice programs in about 30 states and offers a full range of hospice care services
  • A company that owns and operates around 90 psychiatric hospitals in about 30 states, providing a wide range of behavioral health services in an inpatient hospital environment
  • Louisiana's largest health insurer, which provides health insurance products and related services to more than 1 million members across the state
  • A nonprofit healthcare provider based in Southeast Louisiana, with several hospitals, clinics, and medical centers throughout the state