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"Federal Search and Seizure: Probable Cause and Judicial Involvement"
LSBA's Tenth Annual White Collar Crime Symposium
April 13, 2018
"Fundamentals of Comparative Legal Ethics: The United States, Latin America, and Beyond"
New Orleans Bar Association Study Group Delegation to Panamá
Panamá City, Panamá
October 7, 2017
"P_OFESSI_NAL_SM: Solving the Puzzles of Professionalism in Our Day-to-Day Practices"
Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board's 2017 Continuing Legal Education series
April 2017
"Environmental Crimes"
LSBA's Ninth Annual White Collar Crime Symposium
April 7, 2017
"Best Practices, Business Practices, Gender and Race Equality, Pay Equity"
Louisiana State Bar Association Tenth Annual Conclave on Diversity in the Legal Profession
New Orleans, Louisiana
March 24, 2017
"TILA/RESPA Litigation Issues and Mississippi's Lien Law"
National Business Institute
March 6, 2017
"Dirty Laundry: Ethics Lessons from the Boardroom to the Courtroom"
February 20, 2017
"Dispositive Motions: Can this really be the end?"
Practice in a Flash: Litigation 101 Series
Mississippi Bar Young Lawyers Division CLE Seminars
December 14, 2016
"Two Groups Separated by a Common Code: Debtors and Creditors in Bankruptcy"
Mississippi Bar Association’s Summer School for Lawyers & Annual Meeting
July 10, 2016
"Lease Agreements, Tenant Issues, and Documentation"
Sterling Education Services
July 7, 2016
"Tenant Default, Notice of Default, and Lease Termination"
Sterling Education Services
July 7, 2016
"Expert Witnesses & Conflict of Interest"
Sound Advice, American Bar Association Section of Litigation
Moderator - " EPA Region 6: Permitting, Compliance, Enforcement—Is it Three’s Company or Three’s A Crowd? "
45th Spring Conference of the American Bar Association’s Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources
Austin, Texas
March 23, 2016
"Beyond Rule 23 Challenges to Class Actions"
Class Action Litigation in America - A National Symposium
New Orleans, Louisiana
March 10, 2016
"Best Advice on Managing Client Relations"
Annual Louisiana Association of Defense Counsel Winter Meeting
January 28, 2016
"Recent Developments in Bankruptcy Law"
Louisiana State Bar Association Bankruptcy Law Section
December 17, 2015
Panelist - "Show Me the $$... Collections & Enforcement"
Midwest Bank & Financial Institutions Special Assets Forum on Real Estate, C&I, and SBA Loans
Chicago, Illinois
September 2015
"The Blurred Lines Case—When Celebrities Litigate, Interesting Copyright Issues Abound"
The Mississippi Bar Intellectual Property, Entertainment and Sports Law Conference
Jackson, MS
May 20, 2015
"Trademark Practice Tips"
The Mississippi Bar Intellectual Property, Entertainment and Sports Law Conference
Jackson, MS
May 20, 2015
"Intellectual Property Issues for the General Practitioner"
2015 Mississippi Law Update
April 24, 2015
"Work Product Protection for Draft Expert Reports and Attorney-Expert Communications, Trial Skills - Evaluating the Impact of Changes to the Federal Expert Disclosure Rules"
ABA Section of Litigation Annual Meeting
New Orleans, Louisiana
April 16, 2015
"Current Developments and Trends in Royalty Litigation"
Texas Lawyer Energy Summit
Houston, Texas
April 10, 2015
"The Fourth Amendment in Cyber Space - How to Protect Companies and You - It's a New World"
LSBA's Seventh Annual White Collar Crime Symposium
April 10, 2015
"Strategies for Defeating Class Certification in Toxic and Mass Torts"
Louisiana Association of Defense Counsel 2015 Winter Meeting
Park City, Utah
February 16, 2015
The Judge Allen M. Babineaux International Law Symposium
The Historic New Orleans Collection
November 20, 2014
"Compliance Programs"
Postlethwaite & Netterville Compliance Seminar
Lafayette, Louisiana
October 1, 2014
"Legal Ethics: 30 Tips for the Oil and Gas Lawyer"
Louisiana Oil & Gas Association (LOGA) Seminar & CLE
New Orleans, LA
September 16, 2014
"International Patent Protection: Where in the World Should You File"
New Orleans BioInnovation Center Lunch Seminar
September 10, 2014
Jones Walker LLP and Postlethwaite & Netterville's Louisiana Healthcare Update Seminar
August 27, 2014
"Practical Legal Technology for the Young Lawyer"
American Bar Association Annual Meeting
Boston, Massachusetts
August 8, 2014
"Legal Issues for Startups"
St. Landry Parish Economic Development
July 2014
"Document Retention and Destruction Policies for Financial Institutions"
Lorman Education Services
July 17, 2014
"Claims Avoidance through Effective Cost Engineering"
2014 Annual Meeting of the Association of the Advancement of Cost Engineering
July 8, 2014
"Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey"
Louisiana State Bar Association (LSBA) Annual Meeting and LSBA/Louisiana Judicial College Summer School
June 2014
"Contractor and Subcontractor Payment Remedies"
Lafayette, Louisiana
May 14, 2014
Speaker, "Antitrust and Unfair Trade Practices," LSBA's The Rhythm of Commercial Litigation CLE (2014)
"Structured Settlement Transfers"
Mississippi Trial and Appellate Judges Spring Conference
April 24, 2014
"Start Up Crash Course"
April 23, 2014
"Parallel Proceedings - Pending Civil and Criminal Proceedings Covering the Same Facts"
Louisiana State Bar Association's Sixth Annual White Collar Crime Symposium
April 16, 2014
"Federal Search and Seizure - What to Do When the Government Raids the Plant/Any Business"
Louisiana State Bar Association's Sixth Annual White Collar Crime Symposium
April 11, 2014
"Recent Developments in the Law - Its Effect on the Marine Industry"
GNOBFA River and Marine Industry Seminar
April 9, 2014
Moderator, "Left Out in Louisiana: Addressing the Crisis in Immigration Representation," Human Rights First Conference (2014)
"Legally Protecting Software: Benefits, Pitfalls and Misconceptions"
Idea Village's New Orleans Entrepreneur Week 2014
March 26, 2014
"Inclusive Professionalism: Harnessing the Power of Our Differences"
Louisiana State Bar Association Seventh Annual Conclave on Diversity in the Legal Profession
New Orleans, Louisiana
March 21, 2014
Moderator, "Leadership With Intention: Institutionalizing Diversity and Inclusion in Your Organization," LSBA Diversity Conclave (2014)
"Overview of the Louisiana Public Records Law"
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
March 11, 2014
"Navigating the Labyrinth: Creditors' Rights Before, During, and After Bankruptcy"
Annual Louisiana Association of Defense Counsel Winter Meeting
February 27, 2014
"Masters of the Courtroom"
New Orleans Bar Association
December 12, 2013
"HIPAA Privacy and Security"
Gulf Coast Patient Care Network
October 25, 2013
"Significant Developments in Insurance Bad Faith Post-Louisiana Bag"
New Orleans Bar Association
October 23, 2013
Panel Moderator, "Race, Poverty and Public Defense: Gideon 50 Years Later in New Orleans," Orleans Public Defender Symposium (2013)
"The Judiciary Commission: Selected Issues from the 'Other Side' (Judges Only Ethics)"
Louisiana State Bar Association Annual Meeting and LSBA/LJC Summer School
June 6, 2013
"Representing Creditors Before, During and After Bankruptcy: What Everyone Should Know"
Louisiana State Bar Association Annual Meeting and LSBA/LJC Summer School
June 5, 2013
"Digesting the Regulatory Alphabet Soup: Why Corporate Compliance Matters"
Louisiana State Bar Association Annual Meeting and LSBA/LJC Summer School
June 4, 2013
"Strengthening Our Profession"
Louisiana State Bar Association
June 2, 2013
Panel Moderator, "Introduction to Corporate Litigation," Association of Corporate Counsel, Annual Conference (2013)
"7 Years Since the E-Discovery Rules Amendments: Is This Relationship Working?"
Maritime Personal Injury in Louisiana
April 25, 2013
"Professional or Not? You be the Judge"
New Orleans Bar Association's Bench Bar Conference
Biloxi, Mississippi
April 21, 2013
"Compliance and Red Flag Issues for Business in Indonesia"
IBA Anti-Corruption Conference: Corruption in Indonesia - Challenges and Solutions
April 2013
"The Unexpected Verdict in Excess Policy Limits: What Happens Now?"
21st Annual Insurance Coverage Litigation Committee Midyear Program
Phoenix, Arizona
February 16, 2013
"Recent Developments in Ethics Law"
30th Annual Louisiana Association of Defense Counsel Winter Meeting
February 12, 2013
"Recent Developments in Louisiana Law"
30th Annual Louisiana Association of Defense Counsel Winter Meeting
February 10, 2013
Jones Walker to Host Risk Mitigation for Businesses Seminar in Birmingham
January 23, 2013
2012 Louisiana Women's Conference
November 27, 2012
"Everything's Negotiable: Negotiation Tips for Business Women"
The Urban League Women in Business
November 14, 2012
"Stern v. Marshall: How's That Working for You?"
National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges
October 25, 2012
"Collecting/Enforcing Judgments: Setting Recovery Goals and How to Get There"
Information Management Network Bank and Financial Institutions Special Asset Executive Conference
June 28, 2012
"The Art and Science of Jury Selection: What Neuroscience Can Tell Us about How Jurors Think and Decide"
Products Liability Advisory Council's Spring Conference
Asheville, NC
April 26, 2012
"Company Indemnification of Employees for Criminal Matters"
4th Annual White Collar Crime Symposium
April 2012
"Building Awareness & Cultural Competencies"
Louisiana Leadership and Diversity Conference, National Diversity Council, Delgado Community College
New Orleans, Louisiana
March 23, 2012
"Effective Networking 101"
Southern University Law Center
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
March 12, 2012
"Fortifying the Armor: It May Be Legal But Is It Ethical"
Louisiana State Bar Association Fifth Annual Conclave on Diversity in the Legal Profession
New Orleans, Louisiana
March 2, 2012
"What to Do When Construction Projects Go Bad"
Harbert Center, Birmingham, Alabama
February 23, 2012
"Insurer Billing Guidelines"
20th Annual Insurance Coverage Litigation Committee Midyear Program
February 2012
"Internal Investigations"
Jones Walker Legal Seminar for Greater New Orleans Charter Schools
February 15, 2012
"Notable Cases: From the Subliminal to the Sublime"
29th Annual Louisiana Association of Defense Counsel Winter Meeting
January 26, 2012
"Compliance Program Trends"
AICPA Controllers Workshop East, Walt Disney World Swan Lake, Buena Vista, Florida
November 11, 2011
"AICPA Controllers Workshop East"
Lake Buena Vista, Florida
November 10, 2011
2011 Louisiana Women's Conference
September 23, 2011
"Deep Water and Shallow Water Gulf of Mexico Federal Updates"
Louisiana Energy Conference, New Orleans, LA
June 23, 2011
"The Use of Experts in Insurance Bad Faith Litigation"
New Orleans Bar Association
New Orleans, Louisiana
June 14, 2011
"Anti-Corruption Compliance"
The University of New Orleans Energy Accounting & Technology Conference
New Orleans, LA
May 12, 2011
"Pleading the Fifth Amendment in Civil Litigation"
New Orleans Bar Association's 2011 Bench Bar Conference
April 15, 2011
"Federal Tax Crimes"
LSBA 3rd Annual White Collar Crime Symposium
April 8, 2011
"Current Insurance Coverage Issues in Chinese Drywall Litigation"
New Orleans Bar Association's Procrastinator's Program
New Orleans, Louisiana
December 29, 2010
"The Mechanics of Alabama Civil Procedure"
Birmingham, AL
December 17, 2010
"Dissecting Evolving Claims Against Generic Drugs"
American Conference Institute's 15th Annual Drug & Medical Device Litigation Conference, New York City, New York
December 8, 2010
"Practical Guide to Ethics"
December 7, 2010
"Deposing the Financial Expert"
Deposition Boot Camp: Beyond Basic Training, LSBA
Louisiana State Bar Association Program, New Orleans, Louisiana
November 5, 2010
"Deposing an Expert Witness"
Litigation Lessons for Lawyers, LSBA
New Orleans Bar Association CLE Program, New Orleans, Louisiana
November 3, 2010
"Ethical Considerations in E-Discovery"
Sheraton New Orleans Hotel
September 10, 2010
"Introduction to the FCPA: What Controllers Need to Know"
American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, AICPA Controllers Workshop, Las Vegas, Nevada
July 20, 2010
"Preparing for Litigation Arising Out of Unconventional Gas Drilling Operations in Shale Plays"
Co-Presenter with Dick Watt, Robert Fox, Gregory V, Brown, and Tony Guerino II
American Conference Institute's Forum on Oil & Gas Litigation and Arbitration
June 23, 2010
"Environmental Law from A to Z"
June 12, 2010
“The Basics: Criminal Law for Civil Lawyers I”
Jones Walker Associate Training, New Orleans, Louisiana
May 2010
Women in Leadership Symposium
New Orleans, Louisiana
April 28, 2010
"Everything You Need to Know About Louisiana's New Advertising Rules"
April 17, 2010
"Medicare, Medicaid, and SCHIP Extension: What Every Lawyer Must Know and Do"
Grady S. Hurley, Moderator
New Orleans Bar Association
April 17, 2010
"Grand Jury Practice"
Louisiana State Bar Association
April 9, 2010
"Legislative Issues"
American Petroleum Institute's International Trade & Customs Conference, Austin, Texas
March 8, 2010
"The Use of Experts in Bad Faith Litigation"
18th Annual Insurance Coverage Litigation Committee Midyear Program
Phoenix, Arizona
February 26, 2010
"UT Law's 2010 Geologic Storage Policy: Federal Impacts, Commercial Opportunities"
Evolving Policies at the State Level Highlights of the Louisiana Statute: Louisiana Takes a Proactive Approach in Act 517
University of Texas at Austin School of Law's CLE Conference on Carbon and Climate Change, Austin, Texas
February 16, 2010
"What Board Members Need to Update in Their Current D&O Policy for 2010"
ExecSense Webinars' Instant Impact Series
January 26, 2010
"Ethical Minefields in Complex Criminal Cases"
Louisiana State Bar Association
December 4, 2009
"Big Easy Bootcamp: Basic Training for Lawyering in New Orleans"
New Orleans Bar Association
November 2009
"Post-Production Environmental Issues: Louisiana Legacy Litigation and the Texas Approach"
8th Annual Energy Litigation Conference, Houston, Texas
October 23, 2009
"The Nuts and Bolts of Law Practice Management"
New Orleans Bar Association
October 16, 2009
The Louisiana Conference for Women
LSU Alumni Association Lod Cook Alumni Center, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
October 2, 2009
"Shock and Awe: A Primer on the Defense of Electric Utilities in Overhead Contact Cases"
Federation of Defense & Corporate Counsel's Annual Meeting
July 28, 2009
"Multi-District Litigation Proceedings and Class Action Issues"
Chinese Drywall Litigation Conference, HB Litigation Conferences
New Orleans, Louisiana
June 18, 2009
"The New Politics of Gaming"
Southern Gaming Summit
Biloxi, Mississippi
May 6, 2009
"Corporate Independent Internal Investigations, Including Corporate Compliance Programs"
Louisiana State Bar Association White Collar Conference
April 17, 2009
"Carbon Sequestration: Resource Management through the Storage of Carbon Dioxide in Geologic Structure"
56th Annual Louisiana Mineral Law Institute
April 3, 2009
"How to Handle the Difficult Opponent"
Calhoun County Bar Association
March 15, 2009
"Grand Jury Investigations: How it Impacts Civil Lawyers"
New Orleans Bar Association 2009 Bench Bar Conference
March 13, 2009
Women in Leadership Symposium
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
January 8, 2009
"Right Client, Right Terms, Right Time"
New Orleans Bar Association, Procrastinator's Program
December 2008
"Construction Law: From A to Z"
November 1, 2008
"Race Relations, Alianza del Derecho and BLSA Speaker Series"
Tulane University Law School
New Orleans, Louisiana
October 7, 2008
Tulane University Law School Annual Professionalism Orientation
"Managing Construction Projects"
July 1, 2008
"The Accommodation Doctrine"
Louisiana Mineral Law Institute, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
March 2008
"Operating in Challenging Overseas Environments"
Understanding and avoiding the risk of being sued in the United States under the Alien Tort Statute and other domestic laws as a result of alleged environmental, social, and human rights violations
Salt Lake City, Utah
February 26, 2008
"Managing Complex Construction Law Issues"
October 1, 2007
"Update on the Regulation of Intrastate Pipelines and Gas Gatherers in Texas"
6th Annual Gas & Power Institute Seminar, The University of Texas School of Law
September 27, 2007
"Litigation Abuses and Ethical Guidelines for Judicial Campaigning"
Civil Justice Reform Group
"Antitrust Considerations in Cross-Border Transactions"
Insight Information Conference, Mergers & Acquisitions
December 2006
Featured Speaker, "Commercial Damages"
Harris County District Judges 2006 Post-Conference Conference
February 2006
"Soil Remediation"
Co-Presenter with Drs. Holliday and Deuel
Society of Petroleum Engineers Seminar
April 29, 2003
"Damages, Remediation & Other Remedies Involving Property in Oil & Gas Cases"
Louisiana Professional Landmen's Association Seminar
February 21, 2003
"Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plan Revisions for E&P Operations"
December 5, 2002
"Damages, Remediation & Other Remedies Involving Property in Oil & Gas Cases"
Safety & Environmental Study Group for the Society of Petroleum Engineers, Houston, Texas
October 9, 2002
"Remedies in Oil & Gas Cases: From Specific Performance to Damages and Beyond"
Louisiana Mineral Law Institute
April 4, 2002
"On the Vanguard of Environmental Evolution: A Move Toward Industry Self-Regulation With an Emphasis on Energy Sector E&P Operations"
Society of Petroleum Engineers Videoconference
November 2001
"Louisiana Construction Contracting for Public Entities"
June 13, 2001
"Road & Access Law"
Lorman Business Institute, Birmingham, Alabama
March 1, 2000
"Routing & the Right to Condemn"
Birmingham Bar Association
April 22, 1996
"Liability of Railroads for Injuries Occurring During Loading & Unloading Railcars"
National Association of Railroad Trial Counsel
July 17, 1993

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