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Jones Walker Annual Labor & Employment Seminars
September 25, 2014 and October 16, 2014
Gulfport Labor & Employment Seminar
Great Southern Club, Gulfport, MS
August 22, 2013
Baton Rouge Labor & Employment Seminar
Hilton Capitol Center
June 25, 2013
New Orleans Labor & Employment Seminar
Jones Walker New Orleans Offices–52nd Floor
May 8, 2013
"The NLRB and Social Media: Why Employers with a Non-Union Workforce Should Worry"
18th Annual Mississippi Human Resources Conference and Expo
May 1, 2013
Panelist, "Employment Law Experts on Obama Labor & Enforcement Agenda"
Employers Counsel Network Annual Meeting
Nashville, TN
April 27, 2012
"The 'New' OFCCP: What You Need to Know and Do—NOW!"
Jackson, Mississippi
January 17, 2012
"Mid-Term Congressional Elections Mean Changes, But Not Necessarily The Changes You Want" (Baton Rouge)
Crowne Plaza Baton Rouge, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
June 9, 2011
"Mid-Term Congressional Elections Mean Changes, But Not Necessarily The Changes You Want" (New Orleans)
Inn on Bourbon, New Orleans, Louisiana
April 12, 2011
"The Times They Are A-Changing: Change is What the Obama Administration Promised, and Change is What We've Got" (New Orleans)
Jones Walker, New Orleans, Louisiana
March 11, 2010
"Employment Law Experts on Obama Labor & Enforcement Agenda"
September 2009
Panelist, "The 2012 Election and the Future of Labor and Employment Law"
July 23, 2009
"The Future of Labor and Employment Law"
Employers Counsel Network Annual Meeting, Nashville, Tennessee
April 29, 2009
"EEOC Nightmares: How to Cope and Not Lose Sleep Over EEOC Investigations"
Advanced Employment Issues Symposium
Las Vegas, NV
September 25, 2008
"Workplace Investigations in Louisiana"
New Orleans, Louisiana
March 2008
"Five Rules for Avoiding Legal Pitfalls in Recruiting, Applicant Screening, and Hiring"
BLR National Employment Law Update, Orlando, Florida
November 2007
"Bottom Line: The One Thing You Must Know About 10 Employment Law Issues" and "True Costs of Litigating: When to Fold, When to Fight"
Advanced Employment Issues Symposium
Nashville, TN
October 18, 2007
"ADA Master Class"
New Orleans, Louisiana
October 2007
"Disaster Contingency Planning and Crisis Management – An Experienced Employer's Perspective"
New Orleans, Louisiana
April 2007
"FMLA Master Class"
New Orleans, Louisiana
April 2007
"Lessons From Living Through Disaster"
Los Angeles County Bar Association Bar Leaders Conference, Los Angeles, California
January 2007
"When Disaster Strikes: Legal Requirements and Potential Claims"
University of Houston Advanced Employment Law for Employers and Employment Lawyers, Dallas, Texas, December 1, 2006, and Houston, Texas, December 8, 2006
"Seven Critical Steps to Highly Effective Crisis Management"
11th Annual Advanced Employment Issues Symposium, Las Vegas, Nevada
November 10, 2006
"FMLA Update 2006"
Council on Education in Management, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, September 14–15, 2006
"When Disaster Strikes: The Legal and Human Resources Response"
South Texas College of Law Annual Employment Law Conference, Houston, Texas
July 14, 2006
Advanced Employment Issues Symposium
Atlanta, Georgia
September 6, 2004
"Avoiding Legal Pitfalls in Workplace Investigations"
Council on Education in Management
March 29, 2004

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