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Federal Leasing Update
Liskow & Lewis Energy Law Seminar
"Overview of Regulatory Enforcement Process & Proactive Steps to Mitigate Risks"
Louisiana Bankers Association Oil & Gas Industry Update Conference
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
March 24, 2017
Federal Leasing Update
Liskow & Lewis Energy Law Seminar
"Current Developments and Trends in Royalty Litigation"
Texas Lawyer Energy Summit
Houston, Texas
April 10, 2015
Panelist, "Environment, Health & Safety"
Comparative Offshore Oil & Gas Conference: UK-Norway-USA
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
March 13, 2015
"The Lawyer’s Role in Oil Spill Planning"
Houston Bar Association, Environmental Luncheon
Houston, TX
October 9, 2013
"The Oil Spill: What Will it Mean to Banks in the Region?"
August 31, 2010
"Preparing for Litigation Arising Out of Unconventional Gas Drilling Operations in Shale Plays"
Co-Presenter with Dick Watt, Robert Fox, Gregory V, Brown, and Tony Guerino II
American Conference Institute's Forum on Oil & Gas Litigation and Arbitration
June 23, 2010
"NPDES Upset and Bypass Defenses"
ExxonMobil, 2010 Water Workshop
Houston, TX
June 2, 2010
"How Will Cap & Trade and Green Legislation Affect My Plant?"
New Solutions to Industry's Greatest Challenges Conference & Exposition Program, Greater Baton Rouge Industry Alliance, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
January 27, 2010
"Haynesville" Public Screening Discussion Panel
Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans, Louisiana
October 26, 2009
"Post-Production Environmental Issues: Louisiana Legacy Litigation and the Texas Approach"
8th Annual Energy Litigation Conference, Houston, Texas
October 23, 2009
"Carbon Sequestration: Resource Management through the Storage of Carbon Dioxide in Geologic Structure"
56th Annual Louisiana Mineral Law Institute
April 3, 2009
"Fueling Acadiana's Economy"
Lafayette, Louisiana
December 9, 2008
"Latin America and the Petroleum Sector – Legal Issues for Corporate America in the Face of Record Oil Prices and the Rise of State-Owned Oil Companies"
American Bar Association Section on Business Law Spring Meeting, Dallas Texas
April 10, 2008
"The Accommodation Doctrine"
Louisiana Mineral Law Institute, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
March 2008
"Operating in Challenging Overseas Environments"
Understanding and avoiding the risk of being sued in the United States under the Alien Tort Statute and other domestic laws as a result of alleged environmental, social, and human rights violations
Salt Lake City, Utah
February 26, 2008
"Doing the Deal: Buying and Selling Offshore and Onshore Oil and Gas Properties"
59th Annual Oil and Gas Law Conference, Houston, Texas
February 22, 2008
"Global Investment in Brazilian Natural Gas"
US-Brazil Energy Forum, Houston, Texas
October 22, 2007
"Update on the Regulation of Intrastate Pipelines and Gas Gatherers in Texas"
6th Annual Gas & Power Institute Seminar, The University of Texas School of Law
September 27, 2007
"Legacy Suit Developments – An Examination of the 2006 Legislation and Proposed DNR Regulations"
Professional Landmen's Association of New Orleans Executive Night Seminar, New Orleans, Louisiana
February 2007
"Damages, Remediation & Other Remedies Involving Property in Oil & Gas Cases"
Louisiana Professional Landmen's Association Seminar
February 21, 2003
"Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plan Revisions for E&P Operations"
December 5, 2002
"Damages, Remediation & Other Remedies Involving Property in Oil & Gas Cases"
Safety & Environmental Study Group for the Society of Petroleum Engineers, Houston, Texas
October 9, 2002
"Remedies in Oil & Gas Cases: From Specific Performance to Damages and Beyond"
Louisiana Mineral Law Institute
April 4, 2002
"On the Vanguard of Environmental Evolution: A Move Toward Industry Self-Regulation With an Emphasis on Energy Sector E&P Operations"
Society of Petroleum Engineers Videoconference
November 2001

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