"Louisiana Weighs In On Double Derivative Action Debate"
December 18, 2014

Andrew R. Lee, a partner on the Corporate Compliance and White Collar Defense Team, and Brett S. Venn, a partner in the Business & Commercial Litigation Practice Group, both in New Orleans, recently published an article in Law360 discussing the "double derivative" action, a procedural device newly available to Louisiana plaintiffs. The article, "Louisiana Weighs In On Double Derivative Action Debate," analyzes Robert v. Robert Mgmt. Co. LLC, 2013-1043 (La. App. 4 Cir. 12/19/13), writ denied, 2014-CC-0138 (La. 3/21/14), the first Louisiana case to recognize the availability of the double derivative action. A double derivative action allows shareholders of a parent corporation to bring claims on behalf of a wholly-owned subsidiary, and the Robert Mgmt. decision follows case law from other states recognizing double derivative actions, including Delaware. To view the article, please visit the Law360 website (subscription required).