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"Environmental Considerations in Project Development"
Boyd A. Bryan
10/12 Industry Report, May 10, 2017
"Handling Real Estate Transactions from Start to Finish: The Closing"
National Business Institute
October 2016
"The Foreclosure Process In Louisiana"
Seth A. Levine
NBI Seminar, December 15, 2009
"State of Louisiana Passes 'Green' Legislation"
Sarah S. Brehm
Jones Walker Environmental & Toxic Torts E*Bulletin, July 8, 2009
"State of Louisiana Considers 'Green' Bills to Incentivize Green Technology"
Sarah S. Brehm
Jones Walker Environmental & Toxic Torts E*Lert, June 23, 2009
"Corps and EPA "Clarify" Their June 6, 2007, Rapanos Guidance"
Stanley A. Millan
E*Lert, January 7, 2009
"Fallen Trees After Hurricane Ike—Who Is Liable?"
Jennifer D. Hamer
Jones Walker E*Lert, November 5, 2008
"Falling Trees During a Hurricane—Are You Liable?"
Raedtha A. Vasquez
Jones Walker E*Lert, September 24, 2008
Jones Walker Overview of 2008 Louisiana State Legislature Regular and Extraordinary Sessions
Jones Walker, July 3, 2008
"New Federal Contractor Code of Business Ethics and Conduct"
Stanley A. Millan
E*Lert, January 3, 2008
"Regulatory Guidance on Concentrations in Commercial Real Estate Lending"
Robert L. Carothers, Jr. and H. Gary Pannell
North Carolina Banking Institute, March 2007
"New Construction Codes"
Robert W. Scheffy, Jr.
E*Lert, January 11, 2007
"Rapanos, Carabell and Where Do We Go From Here?"
Boyd A. Bryan, Michael A. Chernekoff, Stanley A. Millan & Robert W. Scheffy, Jr.
E*Lert, June 26, 2006
"Lease Negotiation Handbook: Chapter V – Term"
Seth A. Levine, Co-Author
International Association of Attorneys and Executives in Corporate Real Estate (AECRE), a joint publication of ALI-ABA and AECRE, August 19, 2003
"Problem Loan Seminar: Chapter IV – Louisiana Foreclosure"
Seth A. Levine, Co-Author
Sterling Education Services, January 21, 2003
"Advanced Real Estate Law in Louisiana: I – Title and Survey Review"
Seth A. Levine, Co-Author
National Business Institute, December 5, 2002
"Commercial and Residential Lease Enforcement and Evictions in Louisiana: How to Do Them Right – Section I, Drafting and Execution: How to Protect the Landlord and Section VII, Ethical and Professional Considerations"
Seth A. Levine, Co-Author
Sterling Education Services, September 5, 2002
"Subleases, Overriding Royalty Interests and Reversionary Rights"
Margaret D. Laborde, Co-Author
October 2000

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