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"USA v. Moss Limits Regulatory Jurisdiction on the OCS"
Grady S. Hurley
Best Lawyers “Legal Insights”, November 16, 2017
"Determining OCS Jurisdiction For Lessees And Operators"
Grady S. Hurley
Law360, June 6, 2017
Author, "Vessel Owners' Duties To Longshoremen Only Go So Far"
Hansford P. Wogan
Law360, January 20, 2017
"Regulating Autonomous Shipping"
Grady S. Hurley
December 8, 2016
Co-Author, Chapter 88 - Admiralty and Maritime Law, "Business and Commercial Litigation in Federal Courts, Fourth Edition"
Richard D. Bertram, Grady S. Hurley
December 2016
"Prosecution of BP Deepwater Horizon Well Supervisors Ends With a Misdemeanor Plea For One and a Trial Acquittal of the Other"
Michael W. Magner, Avery B. Pardee, and Joseph Davis
Benedict's Maritime Bulletin, Second Quarter, 2016
"Are You My Insurance Company? Additional Insured Insurance Coverage Under Texas Law: The Deepwater Horizon Litigation"
State Bar of Texas 11th Annual Advanced Insurance Law Course
April 2014
"The New Frontier: The Practical Implications and Future of General Maritime Law After the 5th Circuit Decision in McBride"
McBride v. Estis Well Service, LLC, 872 F.Supp.2d 511 (W.D. La. 2002) (and on appeal to the Fifth Circuit No. 12-30714) 731 F.3d 505 (5th Cir. 2013)
Barrett (C. Barrett) Rice
Submariner, The Newsletter of LIIBA's Marine Claims Sub-Committee, February 6, 2014
"Fifth Circuit: Seaman Can Recover Punitive Damages for Breach of the Warranty of Seaworthiness"
William Pitard Wynne
LSU Journal of Energy Law and Resources, October 30, 2013
"Breach of Warranty and Misrepresentation—USA"
William C. Baldwin, Barrett (C. Barrett) Rice
Tulane Law Review, June 2013
"Sub-Chapter M From a Defense Lawyer's Perspective: How Your Liability and Litigation May Change in an Inspected World"
Barrett (C. Barrett) Rice
Greater New Orleans Barge Fleeting Association 30th Annual River and Marine Industry Seminar, InterContinental New Orleans
April 26, 2012
"Admiralty and Maritime Law"
Robert B. Acomb, Jr. and John J. Broders
Business and Commercial Litigation in Federal Courts, 3rd ed., Chapter 77, Section of Litigation, American Bar Association, January 2012
"EPA Blows the Man Down"
Stanley A. Millan
E*Lert, January 7, 2009
"Overview of General Maritime Law Including the Jones Act"
Jefferson R. Tillery
August 2008
Jones Walker Overview of 2008 Louisiana State Legislature Regular and Extraordinary Sessions
Jones Walker, July 3, 2008
"Allocation of Marine Risks: An Overview of the Marine Insurance Package"
Robert Lemon, II
81 Tulane Law Review 1467, 2007
Case Book Admiralty: Personal Injury and Death
Robert Bailey Acomb, Jr.
Tulane Press, 4th ed., 2007
Comment, "Land versus Sea: Carmack versus COGSA: Why the Carmack Amendment Should Not Apply to Inland Portions of Multimodal Shipments"
William C. Baldwin
82 Tulane Law Review 731, 2007
"Business and Commercial Litigation in Federal Courts"
John J. Broders
Admiralty Law, West Group, 1998, and Second Ed., 2005
"Seaman's Manslaughter: A Potential Sea of Troubles for the Maritime Defendant and a Clever Mechanism for Taking Arms Against the Slings and Arrows of Maritime Plaintiffs"
William Pitard Wynne and Brian M. Ballay
50 Loyola Law Review 869, 2004
"Uninspected Vessel OSHA Self-Inspection Check Lists"
Stanley A. Millan and Patrick J. Veters
Loyola Maritime Law Journal Vol. II, No. 1, Spring 2003
"Transportation Contracts, Charter Parties, Towing Contracts, and Affreightment Contracts"
Robert B. Acomb, Jr.
Note, "In re Medical Review Panel for the Claim of Maria Moses: The Supreme Court Parts a Red Sea of Questions—The Doctrine of Continued Tort Applied to Medical Malpractice Claims"
William Pitard Wynne
47 Loyola Law Review 1605, 2002
"Business and Commercial Litigation in Federal Courts"
Robert Bailey Acomb, Jr.
Admiralty and Maritime Law, West Group, Vol. 4, Chapter 67, 1998
"Fifth Circuit Symposium - Admiralty"
Edward J. Koehl
44 Loyola Law Review 481, 1998
Case Book: Collision and Limitation of Liability
Robert Bailey Acomb, Jr.
"Celestine v. Union Oil Co. of California: Repairmen and the Unreasonable Risk Determination in Louisiana Strict Liability Jurisprudence"
L. Etienne Balart
57 Louisiana Law Review 267, 1996
"The Lanasse Rule and the Additional Assured's Dilemma Under American-Form P&I Policies"
Robert T. Lemon II
21 Journal of Maritime Law & Commerce, 503, January 1990
"The Mississippi River Point Bend Custom"
Robert T. Lemon II
19 Journal of Maritime Law & Commerce, 373, July 1988
"Section 506 of the Merchant Marine Act of 1936"
Permanent Waiver of Domestic Trade Restriction Upon Repayment of Construction-Differential Subsidy - Seatrain Shipbuilding Corp. v. Shell Oil Co.
Michael W. Magner
5 Maritime Lawyer 281, 1980

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