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Update on, The Next Generation of Federal Facility Environmental Liability
Stanley A .Millan
scheduled for Vol. 31, No. 2 Tulane Environmental Law Journal, Summer 2018
Principal Author since 2001 of, West Group Practice Series: Louisiana Environmental Compliance
Stanley A. Millan
Thompson West 2017-18
All Appropriate Inquiry: Blackboard of Dreams and Fears
Stanley A. Millan
28 Tulane Environmental Law Journal 95, 2014
Green Buildings and Plugging the Gaps in Environmental Laws
Stanley A. Millan
27 Tulane Environmental Law Journal 43, 2013
Book Review, Whose Drop is it Anyway?
Stanley A. Millan
59 Louisiana Bar Journal 184, October 2011
"FAR in the LEED in Going Green"
Stanley A. Millan
46 The Procurement Lawyer 7, 2011
FAR in the LEED: Taking Green Buildings Out of the Black Box
Stanley A. Millan
57 The Federal Lawyer 47, October 2010
"Escaping the 'Black Hole' in the Gulf"
Stanley A. Millan
24 Tulane Environmental Law Journal 41, 2010
"Cracking the Floodwall Code"
Stanley A. Millan
20 Tulane Environmental Law Journal 169, 2006
"Contemporary CERCLA: Reversals of Fortune and Black Holes" Vol 16. No. 2
Stanley A. Millan
Fordham Environmental Law Review 183, 2005
Clean Water Act Waters have a Beginning, But Do They Have an End?
Stanley A. Millan
Vol. 4, No. 84, Daily Environmental Reporter, May 3, 2004
Deck the Hulls with OSHA
Stanley A. Millan
2 Loyola Maritime Law Journal 44, Summer 2003
The Odd Couple: High Court’s Expansion of Environmental Standing in Waters But Contraction of Regulatory Jurisdiction Over Them
Stanley A. Millan
47 Loy. L. Rev. 729, Summer 2001
Negligence and Respondeat Superior as Environmental Crimes (Vol. 6, No. 2)
Stanley A. Millan
Louisiana Environmental Lawyer , Summer 2000

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