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"Direct threat and doctor’s diligence doom disability claims”
Mary Margaret Spell
Louisiana Employment Law Letter, August 2018
"Are Escrow Agreements the Ticket Out of Midlantic?"
Stephanie B. McLarty, Mark A. Mintz
American Bankruptcy Institute Journal, Volume 38, July 2018
Update on, The Next Generation of Federal Facility Environmental Liability
Stanley A .Millan
scheduled for Vol. 31, No. 2 Tulane Environmental Law Journal, Summer 2018
"Minority Shares Under the Louisiana Business Corporation Act: Expulsion, Oppression, and Fiduciary Duty", 64 Loyola Law Review 1-97 (2018)
Richard P. Wolfe
"Here Be Dragons: Navigating Dangerous Territory with a ‘Challenging’ Client"
William W. Horton
Health Law Handbook (Thomson Reuters), 2018
“Overview of Louisiana’s Public Records Law”
Davis B. "Pepper" Allgood
Louisiana Bar Journal, June 1, 2018
“Experts May Rely on Hearsay…Except When They May Not”
Davis B. "Pepper" Allgood
ABA Expert Witness Committee Newsletter, May 23, 2018
"The DOJ’s Shift Away From 'Regulation by Guidance' in False Claims Act Cases"
Avery B. Pardee
May 21, 2018
“The Federal False Claims Act: Even Routine Pay Applications Can Be a Trap”
James R. Artzer
Associated General Contractors (AGC) of America, Construction Law Newsletter, April 2018
Co-Author, "The State of Indian Gaming in Florida"
Marc W. Dunbar, Will D. Hall
Indian Gaming Lawyer, Spring 2018
"Employee betting she was fired for taking leave, not spending too much time in restroom"
Mary Margaret Spell
Louisiana Employment Law Letter, April 2018
Evolving Contract Issues on the OCS
Grady S. Hurley, Robert T. Lemon II
Texas Lawyer, March 30, 2018
“Cross Your T’s With Liens or Risk Everything”
The Associated General Contractors of America “Law in Brief”
William J. Shaughnessy
February 2018
"Court Tosses Case Filed by Employee Fired Over Anti-LGBT Facebook Rant"
Minia Bremenstul and Jennifer Anderson
Louisiana Employment Law Letter, February 2018
Kirkland E. Reid, Christopher K. Ulfers
Marc W. Dunbar
J. Kelly Duncan, Christopher K. Ulfers
Thomas B. Shepherd III
Nicole M. Duarte, Christopher K. Ulfers
"Issues in Health Care Cases: A Complicated Cure for Economic Illness?"
Jeffrey R. Barber, C. Ellis Brazeal, III, Jeffrey D. Jeter, Michael Anthony (Tony) Shaw
ABI Bankruptcy Litigation Committee Newsletter, January 30, 2018

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