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"The Commercial Reasonableness Conundrum: Hospital-Physician Employment Arrangements, Expert Testimony, and the Little Standard That (Sometimes) Wasn't There"
William H. Horton
BVR/AHLA Guide to Valuing Physician Compensation and Healthcare Service Arrangements (Business Valuation Resources), 2017
"Equifax Data Breach: What You Should Do Now"
Andrew R. Lee, David R. Roth
Andrew R. Lee and David R. Roth
National Law Review, October 4, 2017
Come Hell or Highwater
Ann L. Latimer and Daniel J. Baldwin
Texas Lawyer, September 21, 2017
"Lawyer or Client: Does It Matter Who Hires the Expert?"
Davis B. "Pepper" Allgood
Expert Witness Committee Newsletter, American Bar Association Section of Litigation, August 2017
"Exporting Natural Gas to Mexico: An Opportunity for Texas?"
Amy L. Vazquez, Jennifer D.Hamer
Pipeline & Gas Journal , Vol. 244, No.8, August 2017
"Defendants Should Be Careful What they Ask For—Federal Court Resistance to State Law Class Action Restrictions following Shady Grove and Lisk
Thomas A. Casey, Jr., Tyler J. Rench
The Brief, 2017
“Section 523(a)(19) Conflicts with Two Circuit Interpretations”
American Bankruptcy Institute Journal
Jeffrey R. Barber, Kathryn H. Hester
July 2017
"Determining OCS Jurisdiction For Lessees And Operators"
Grady S. Hurley
Law360, June 6, 2017
"Raise It, or Waive It - Organizational Conflicts of Interests (OCIs)"
William J. Shaughnessy
ABA Forum on Construction Law, June 2017
"Disruptive Compliance: Practical and Ethical Considerations in Advising the Cutting-Edge Healthcare Company"
William H. Horton
Health Law Handbook (Thomson Reuters), 2017
"Louisiana Minimum Wage Increase Fails in Senate"
Nicole Eichberger, Minia Bremenstul, May 25, 2017
"Environmental Considerations in Project Development"
Boyd A. Bryan
10/12 Industry Report, May 10, 2017
“Failure to follow call-in policy dooms GM worker’s FMLA/ADA claims”
Mary Margaret Spell
Louisiana Employment Law Letter, May 3, 2017
To Kill A Cuckoo Bird: Louisiana’s Dual Paternity Problem
Henry "Hank" Rauschenberger
Louisiana Law Review, Issue 4, Volume 77, April 2017
“The Contractor’s Emerging Exposure for Design Responsibility”
ABA Section of Litigation Construction Committee Newsletter
Jennifer S. Lowndes
Spring 2017
"Construction Law"
Adam Stone
Encyclopedia of Mississippi Law, March 2017
Kaytie M. Pickett
Encyclopedia of Mississippi Law, March 2017
A Question of Nullities, Relative, and Absolute
Henry "Hank" Rauschenberger
LLR Lagniappe: The Online Companion to Louisiana Law Review, March 2017
"Cybersecurity and U.S. Pipeline Infrastructure: How Stakeholders are Addressing Cybersecurity Challenges in 2017"
Andrew R. Lee
Proceedings of the 64th Mineral Law Institute, LSU Law Center, March 2017
Legal Update: Louisiana Mineral Servitudes and Mineral Rights Reservations
Lafayette Association of Professional Landmen Newsletter
Brett S. Venn
March 2017

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