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Jones Walker Prevails in Age Discrimination Case
August 11, 2011

Labor & Employment Practice Group attorneys Sidney F. Lewis V, Tracy E. Kern, Laurie M. Chess, and Jennifer L. Englander successfully represented the defendants in an age discrimination case recently tried in front of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit. In the case, a fired furniture company employee alleged that he was replaced by a younger employee thus claiming that he was discriminated against under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act. During the trial to establish prima facie age bias, the court demanded that the former employee show that he (1) was a member of the protected age group, (2) was subjected to adverse employment actions, (3) was qualified for his job, and (4) was replaced by, or otherwise lost his position to, a younger individual. The former employee failed to prove to the court that these conditions had been met in regard to his termination and the court ruled in favor of the defendants.