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Backstrom, Burvant, and Adams Speak at ABA/IPT Advanced Tax Seminars
March 26, 2012

William M. Backstrom, Jr., Andre B. Burvant, and Jesse R. Adams, III, all participated in the Advanced Tax Seminars held in New Orleans, Louisiana, March 19–23, 2012. Hosted by the American Bar Association’s Section of Taxation and Institute for Professionals in Taxation, the three, two-day seminars focused on income tax, sales/use tax, and property tax. Mr. Backstrom acted as the “local host” for all three seminars and made several presentations throughout the week, including “Apportionment ‘430’ – An In-depth Analysis of Property and Payroll Factor Issues” and “Finders Keepers?: Like it or Not, Unclaimed Property Issues are Here to Stay.” Mr. Burvant presented, “Who Gets the Pot of Gold?: The Conundrum of Sourcing Transactions for Sales/Use Tax Purposes,” while Mr. Adams presented “Before You Sign on the Dotted Line…: Best Practices for Drafting Transaction Documents from a Sales/Use Tax Perspective.”