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Kiefer and Rice Selected to Attend Lex Mundi Cross-Borders Programs
August 28, 2013

KieferRiceShawn H. Kiefer, a partner in the firm's Business & Commercial Transactions Practice Group, and C. Barrett Rice, a partner in the firm's Admiralty & Maritime Practice Group were selected to participate in the Lex Mundi 2013 Cross-Border Programs held in Monterrey, California on August 3-10, 2013. Mr. Kiefer attended the Cross-Border Transactions Program to cultivate his experience in running cross-border mergers and acquisitions and other transactions, enhance his knowledge and understanding of business concepts relevant to such transactions, and further develop his array of skills unique to cross-border transactions. Mr. Kiefer received a personal award for Best Negotiation Technique (Buyer), and a team award for Best Non-Binding Written Bid. Ms. Rice participated in the Cross-Border Dispute Resolution Program, which this year focused on resolution of international commercial disputes through ICC arbitration. Ms. Rice further developed her arbitration skills by participating in a full mock ICC arbitration proceeding, from the initial filing, through drafting terms of reference, case management conference, settlement negotiations, and concluding with a hearing before an arbitration tribunal composed of lawyers and arbitrators from around the world.