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Michel Nicrosi Elected President of Board of Directors for Alabama Post Conviction Relief Project
November 10, 2014

NicrosiMichel Nicrosi, a partner in the firm's Business & Commercial Litigation practice in the Mobile office, was recently elected President of the Board of Directors of the Alabama Post Conviction Relief Project. The Project is a non-profit, state-wide organization which provides post-conviction counsel to indigent death row prisoners in Alabama, the only state in the US which does not provide counsel post-trial/post-conviction to its indigent death row inmates. The Project recruits volunteer attorneys from across the state to serve as counsel for these individuals, and assists the volunteer counsel by providing support for post-conviction litigation through research, investigation, and expert services as well as compensation for attorney time and expenses. The Project is funded through a small grant from the Southern Poverty Law Center and from donations from law firms and individuals. The Project is committed to providing representation to the poorest, most desperate of defendants who would otherwise not have the assistance of counsel.