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Houston Jury Returns Verdict In Favor of Jones Walker's Contractor Client
September 19, 2005

On September 19, a Houston jury returned a verdict which has the effect of awarding Jones Walker's contractor client, Mesa Southwest Construction Corp., and its bonding company, Travelers Casualty and Surety Co. (a unit of St. Paul Travelers Bond) approximately $1.4 million. The suit was initiated by Malloy Real Estate Limited Partnership, Ltd., the owner of the project in question, against Mesa Southwest and Travelers. The jury's verdict rejected the plaintiff's claim for approximately $5 million in damages and attorney's fees, and instead allowed the plaintiff approximately $100,000, which will be offset against the larger award to Mesa Southwest and Travelers.  The 4-week trial in the 333rd District Court of Harris County, Texas, was handled by Donald Hawbaker, of the Houston office, along with Cate Funkhouser and Dawn Wilson.