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Adams Quoted in HR Hero Line
January 31, 2017
H. Mark Adams, a partner in the Labor & Employment Practice Group in the New Orleans office, was recently quoted in an article published by HR Hero's HR Hero Line. The article, "Use of Hidden Surveillance Cameras in Workplace Comes with Pros, Cons," discusses the implications for employers who install a hidden camera in an attempt to catch an employee rumored to be engaged in misconduct. Mr. Adams reminds employers to consider the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) because it prohibits employers–both union and nonunion–from taking actions that may have a chilling effect on employees' rights to engage in protected concerted activity such as discussing workplace concerns and union organizing. He says "So, if you use surveillance cameras in your workplace, be sure to notify employees of the legitimate purpose of the cameras in areas where they are in open view (e.g., to promote safety or measure productivity), and limit the use of hidden cameras to situations in which you suspect employee misconduct."