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Hatley Published in Area Development Magazine
October 27, 2017

Von Hatley, Managing Director of Jones Walker Consulting, LLC, recently published an article in Area Development Magazine. In the article, “Clawback Provisions: Negotiating Now to Optimize Long-Term Benefit,” Mr. Hatley outlines key strategies for negotiating clawback provisions, monetary obligations with state or local governments that are linked to certain goals, in a way that is favorable for development projects. Mr. Hatley provides practical advice for how to use these provisions to benefit business, saying, “In the end, fine-tuning clawback provisions should not be an overly onerous part of the negotiation process or impede agreement on mutually beneficial economic development projects. Done right, clawbacks can help incentivize government agencies and businesses alike to create jobs, improve profitability, and contribute to health of the economy.” Please click here to read the full article.