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Jones Walker Wins $3.3 Million for Taxpayer Client Against Louisiana Department of Revenue
May 4, 2005

Jones Walker lawyers Bill Backstrom, Lisa Futrell, Matt Brown and David Kerth prevailed in litigation on behalf of the successor to Orion Refining Corporation against the Louisiana Department of Revenue seeking to collect on sales and use tax rebates due under enterprise zone contracts. The United States Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of Louisiana ruled in favor of Orion and rendered a judgment in the amount of $3,331,342. Jones Walker initiated the lawsuit on behalf of Orion when the Department of Revenue refused to honor the rebates. The court rejected the Department's arguments and ruled that Orion was entitled to the rebates. Jones Walker. Orion Refining Corporation v. Dept. of Revenue, State of Louisiana, by and through Cynthia Bridges, in her capacity as Secretary, 03-1119, U.S.B.C. - M.D.La.