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Smith Named Officer of the Order of St. John
August 3, 2018
BIRMINGHAM, August 3, 2018Ralph H. Smith, II, special counsel in the Birmingham office, has been promoted to Officer of the Order of St. John by Queen Elizabeth II.  Notice of the Queen’s action was announced in the June 6, 2018 publication of the The London Gazette. The Order of St. John is an Order of Chivalry of the British Crown with historical roots in the 11th century Knights of Malta and Knights Hospitaller and is a major international charity providing first aid, health care, and support services in 40 countries around the world. The Order's charitable work is carried out by the St. John Eye Hospital Group in Jerusalem and St. John Ambulance organizations worldwide. The American Priory of the Order chiefly supports the eye hospitals in Jerusalem and Gaza, indirect successors of an institution founded in Jerusalem by members of the Order in 1090 to minister to sick and dying pilgrims to the Holy Land. 
About Ralph Smith and the Ralph Smith Group
Ralph Smith, CEO of The Ralph Smith Group and special counsel at Jones Walker LLP, served for almost a decade as General Counsel and a Member of the Chancellor's Senior Policy Staff at The University of Alabama System, where he also taught and advised on international initiatives. A corporate and business transactions lawyer by training, Mr. Smith attended Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar from 1973-1976 and helped launch in 2012 the Global Innovation Alliance, a consortium of business, government, and academic institutions to promote innovation and economic development. In 2016 he was elected President of the Association of American Rhodes Scholars, founded in 1907, with a membership today of approximately 2,200. The Ralph Smith Group LLC (, provides strategic consulting services to business and higher education.
About Jones Walker
Jones Walker LLP ( is among the 120 largest law firms in the United States serving local, regional, national, and international business interests with offices in Alabama, Arizona, the District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, New York, and Texas. The firm is committed to providing a comprehensive range of legal services to major multinational, public and private corporations, Fortune® 500 companies, money center banks, worldwide insurers, and emerging companies doing business in the United States and abroad.