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Pro Bono: Jones Walker Obtains Restraining Order to Protect Superintendent of Orleans Parish Public School System and Local Community
June 16, 2004

Committed to community affairs and education, Jones Walker represented pro bono two members of the Orleans Parish School Board in a high-stakes legal battle for the future of the city's public schools. Una Anderson and Jimmy Fahrenholtz stood up to co-board members who hastily scheduled a meeting to fire reform-minded Superintendent Anthony Amato unilaterally, without notice or cause, only two months after giving him an excellent performance review. Jones Walker leaped to action, obtaining and maintaining a federal court injunction against the firing, giving the Louisiana legislature and the Governor time to enact a law that would protect the Superintendent from excessive Board interference.

Superintendent Amato began his term with the Orleans Parish School System in early 2003 amid controversy about alleged corruption and poor academic performance.  Amato was hailed for his success in improving faltering public school systems in New York and Connecticut:  many New Orleanians view him as hope for its public schools.

Jones Walker's attorneys bring the same dedication, zeal and success to their communities, pro bono and public-service work that they bring to all their clients. Jones Walker's team was led by Andy Lee, Jennifer Anderson and Coleman Ridley, and included a number of attorneys, paralegals and staff including Corinne Hufft, Matt Brown, Shelley Sullivan, Joseph Lavigne and Amanda Jones, as well as paralegals Amanda Arbelle and Rhonda Betbeze.