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Nicrosi Brings Tax Evasion Case from Criminal Investigation into Civil Court
September 29, 2008

Jones Walker attorney Michel Nicrosi successfully brought an IRS tax evasion case from criminal investigation into civil court after a client, the owner of a telemarketing business, was notified by the IRS that he was under criminal investigation for tax evasion regarding both his personal and corporate federal returns over a three-year period. Through her own investigation, Nicrosi was able to prove that the client, who she found to have under-reported his income, lacked both criminal intent and knowledge of tax matters. Additionally, Nicrosi found that one of the two tax return preparers responsible for the client's returns had admitted in an unrelated civil lawsuit deposition to converting business funds to personal use and other malfeasance that posed a credibility issue for the IRS. As a result, the criminal investigation was dropped and the client was referred to civil examination.

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