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Ourso, Martin, and Bergeron Obtain Judgment for Client
March 17, 2009

A team of Jones Walker professionals, led by litigation partner A. Justin Ourso III, and including associate Christopher D. Martin and paralegal Angeli Bergeron, obtained a judgment on behalf of a technology and manufacturing client against a former employee, the former employee's new partner, and their new entity in action for breach of a confidentiality obligation, breach of fiduciary duties, unfair trade practices, tortious interference with an agreement or business relationships, and aiding and abetting the breaches. The judgment was awarded in the amount of $691,598.27, plus interest, and an additional award of attorneys' fees in the amount of $625,872.75, plus interest.

The former employee had left and begun competing with Jones Walker's client, using technology developed at the client's research and manufacturing facilities. Earlier in the action, the Jones Walker team obtained a preliminary injunction prohibiting the defendants from manufacturing and selling competing dehumidification equipment, even though the client did not have a noncompetition provision in the former employee's employment agreement. At the filing of the action, the team obtained an electronic discovery order for the production of the defendants' computers, and their imaging by experts, immediately upon the defendants being served with the petition.