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Hines and McMains to Present on Disasters at the IBA 2006 Annual Conference
September 14, 2006
Chicago, Illinois

William H. Hines and F. Charles McMains, Jr. will present at the 2006 Annual Conference of the International Bar Association in Chicago. On September 21, William H. Hines will co-present Thinking About the Unthinkable: Crisis Contingency and Disaster Planning in Law Firm. The half day seminar will discuss tsunamis, hurricanes, cyberterrorism, pandemics, power outages, and everyday accidents, each of which pose a genuine threat to business performance—even survival—of law firms. Mr. Hines will discuss issues related to Hurricane Katrina and Jones Walker's disaster planning and preparedness, as well as the firm's immediate, short-term and long-term response following Katrina. On September 18, F. Charles McMains, Jr. will co-present, along with Louisiana State Representative Ronnie Johns and several other speakers, Natural Catastrophes – Part I: The Role of Insurance in Responding to Catastrophic Losses. This session will examine unprecedented losses in the 21st Century due to natural disasters and how the insurance and reinsurance industry plays a central role in the financial and social recovery which follows, addressing the nature of the (non-marine) risks, the pressures arising in the political context and the issues of interpretation of insurance and reinsurance contracts protecting against such events. Please visit for more information on the International Bar Association.