Jones Walker Consulting, LLC
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A leading provider of economic development consulting services throughout the southeast.

The United States, and southeastern states in particular, are at an important crossroads. After a period of shrinking budgets, regional, state, and local governments are growing increasingly competitive and seeking creative ways to attract and retain businesses, stimulate growth and investment, and increase employment. National and multinational businesses are beginning to see an uptick in economic fortunes and are ready to expand, relocate, or consolidate operations to improve their market positions. The challenge? Bringing the right parties together, at the right time, and helping them negotiate a mutually beneficial path to economic prosperity.

Enter Jones Walker Consulting. Our team has helped negotiate dozens of high-impact projects resulting in billions of dollars in investment and creating tens of thousands of jobs. We have extensive experience in the automotive, aerospace/defense, shipbuilding, rail, petroleum/petrochemical, and manufacturing industries.

Our professionals have experience on all sides of the negotiating table, having served in senior leadership positions in regional and state economic development organizations, public-private partnerships, tax and revenue agencies, and at the top levels of state government. Over his 30-year career, our managing director, Von Hatley, has served as a vice president of global operations, a strategic management consultant advising numerous Global 1000 clients, a university educator, and, prior to joining Jones Walker Consulting, a state economic development director under three separate Louisiana governors. We are in regular contact with leaders of multinational corporations, global strategic consulting firms, and national and multinational agencies, helping increase our awareness of emerging development opportunities.

As an affiliate of Jones Walker LLP, we also have direct and immediate access to the considerable legal resources of one of the nation's leading economic development law firms. We work closely with the firm's leading lawyers in tax, government relations, real estate, and finance law, along with industry teams focused on construction, energy, entertainment, sports, manufacturing, and other sectors critical to the Gulf coast economy.

In today’s competitive marketplace, every dollar counts. We help clients identify hidden opportunities and achieve the greatest possible return on their economic investment projects.

Targeted Client Services

We advise clients in all aspects of economic development, including site selection, structuring, and obtaining statutory and discretionary tax incentives and other competitive advantages, and improvement of the overall business environment. Our professional networks, product methodology, research capabilities, databases, and technology tools are at the forefront of the economic development industry.

On behalf of public and private corporations and partnerships, we:

  • Advise on expansion, consolidation, and relocation of facilities, including access to capital, transportation infrastructure, buildings and equipment, recruitment, screening and training, and development of long-term educational capabilities
  • Evaluate existing contractual agreements in light of changing market conditions
  • Provide initial project review to determine the most effective negotiating approach
  • Identify hidden or lesser-known incentives and tax advantages
  • Evaluate the net present cost of doing business at selected locations
  • Draw on a suite of standard and customized performance clauses to minimize risk and maximize flexibility in establishing and monitoring performance measures

On behalf of state economic development agencies, we:

  • Benchmark tax and incentive structures to enhance competitive position
  • Review organizational structure and key processes to improve research, leads, and project management
  • Develop payback analysis structures to improve return on investment
  • Benchmark RFP responses and presentation materials using leading-edge technologies
  • Evaluate and help certify industrial real estate for future investment and development

On behalf of regional economic development organizations, we:

  • Structure and validate localized deals
  • Develop policy platforms and legislative presentations
  • Draft local legislation to create deal closing and infrastructure development funds
  • Create resources for RFP responses
  • Evaluate and help certify industrial real estate for future investment and development

Jones Walker Consulting has the experience, network, tools, and resources to help businesses and economic development organizations take full advantage of growth opportunities and maximize returns on strategic investments. For more information, contact Managing Director Von Hatley at + or