Environmental: Litigation
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Ordinary operations still carry the risk of lawsuits, regardless of strong efforts to control environmental hazards and well-documented compliance programs. Our Environmental & Toxic Torts trial attorneys have experience that includes:

  • Citizen suits alleging violations and damages as a result of violations
  • Defense of asbestos litigation on behalf of manufacturers, suppliers, and premises owners
  • Enforcement actions—administrative, civil, or criminal—by government agencies claiming violations of regulations or permits
  • Individual or small group suits claiming personal injury and property damage due to exposures to chemicals released to air, land, or water
  • Mass tort and class action suits claiming personal injuries and property damage resulting from releases of chemicals or other toxic substances
  • Private party cost recovery claims involving hazardous substance releases
  • Product liability suits claiming injury to people or property
  • Suits by property owners claiming that past operations resulted in contamination of the site
  • Suits claiming injury in the workplace from exposure to chemicals or other toxic materials