Environmental: Criminal Defense
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Dating back more than a decade, Jones Walker has been at the forefront of nearly every major federal or state environmental criminal development in the state of Louisiana. Our team of attorneys, consisting of both criminal defense and environmental counsel, have successfully counseled and defended clients subject to criminal probes by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Criminal Investigations Division, as well as state criminal investigations and federal-state cooperative investigations. We have also participated in federal and state civil-criminal parallel proceedings. Jones Walker assists clients in the environmental criminal defense area by:

  • Conducting internal investigations in complete confidence
  • Defending companies and individuals in complex criminal, parallel civil-criminal and multi-jurisdictional matters
  • Managing and counseling clients on proactive measures to eliminate or mitigate criminal penalties
  • Setting up counsel relationships with individual corporate officers and employees who may be additional potential targets of criminal investigations
  • Trying criminal cases to juries to successful and fair result
  • Working with federal and state criminal investigatory agents and prosecutors in negotiating fair resolutions to matters