Real Estate
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Natural disasters often damage or destroy vast parcels of real estate, including property that is owned, leased, or the subject of a pending transaction. Furthermore, unforeseen events present issues for property owners and those involved in pending real estate transactions. Jones Walker's Real Estate attorneys have experience guiding clients through post-disaster legal issues that surround real estate transactions and ownership.

Following a disaster, we are able to assist clients with a multitude of real estate matters, including lease agreements, purchase agreements, and option agreements for damaged property. We also have experience helping real estate interest holders review agreements to determine contractual obligations, given unforeseen circumstances and effects of a disaster. Our real estate attorneys have in the past worked to obtain government contracts for property owners, including contracts with FEMA and the military.

Most importantly, we are dedicated to providing superior client service following a disaster. Our attorneys work closely with clients to resolve real estate matters and to help clients resume business operations as quickly as possible following a disaster. During such stressful times for property owners, we help answer important questions, such as whether a tenant must make lease payments for the period of time that the tenant was barred from usage of the leased property, and whether or not a property owner's lender will permit it to use insurance proceeds to rebuild and/or make repairs. Our Real Estate Practice Group, one of the largest real estate practices in the state of Louisiana, has the capability to perform research to answer questions that may arise in any particular disaster situation, especially in cases when the interpretation of existing laws is unclear.