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Our lawyers have extensive mining experience that spans agricultural and industrial minerals, coal, precious and base metals, and other minerals within the United States and internationally. We advise operators, non-operators, investors, pipelines, power plant operators, service companies and seismic companies in connection with the exploration, development, operation, and downstream sale of products of oil and gas and mining properties. 

Our professionals manage the legal aspects of many types of mining-related contracts, including commodity price protection and service, freight, and other transportation agreements. We also counsel clients on contractual and corporate joint ventures, mineral leases, and concessions involving private and government lands, mine financing, permitting and expansions, property acquisitions and sales, purchases and sales of mineral products for end use (including for power generation), reclamation bonding, and waste treatment and disposal.

Relevant matters our lawyers have worked on include developing a $1.5 billion senior revolving credit facility for a major mining company and representing a subsidiary of a major corporation with respect to mining and mill expansion projects valued at approximately $1 billion and related financing and operation agreements. We have also advised major mining companies and their subsidiaries in connection with their public and private debt, as well as their domestic and international mining operations, including infrastructure, exploration, production, and sales.