Products Liability
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Attorneys in the firm's largest litigation sub-practice group, Products Liability, represent domestic and foreign manufacturers, distributors, and end-users, both large and small, in state and federal courts and before administrative agencies.

We help clients by using innovative and economical risk management, alternative dispute resolution (ADR), and litigation skills. Our experience spans from asbestos to z, including claims relating to toxic substances and other chemical or environmental liability; aircraft and aviation equipment; motor vehicle design defects; pharmaceuticals; breast implants; building products; vessels and other maritime equipment; tires; tobacco; valves, controls, and other machinery; tools and equipment; medical devices; computers and other electronic products; premise defects; and workplace injury. Whether defending against a single or small group of plaintiffs or representing clients in a nationwide class action, we have a long track record of successfully protecting our clients' interests.

Innovative Technology

We pioneer technology-driven systems for enhanced client communication and efficiently handling cases. We developed a case management system, now used nationally by asbestos defendants, to manage and control mass tort litigation. Using secure extranets, we make meaningful information easily accessible and exchangeable. Our commitment to training assures that our attorneys and staff are adept and comfortable with a wide array of productivity tools.

Project Management & Cost Control

We are a skilled provider of high-quality, low-cost legal services, and we excel at project management and staffing for optimum cost control.

Trial Attorneys

Our attorneys are a diverse group of courtroom veterans. We have tried many cases to verdict, and our track record illustrates our ability to bring a matter to a quick resolution through ADR and other non-litigation means. We are often able to persuade plaintiffs to dismiss lawsuits without payment. Jones Walker's attorneys are often called upon to act as independent settlement counsel or to offer second opinions about risk and the prompt resolution of claims. Jones Walker maintains extensive documentation on technical and scientific expert witnesses with experience in a full range of product cases.

Medical Analysis

Product litigation always has a medical component and we are skilled at early analysis of medical claims and formulation of medical defenses. We employ paralegals with nursing backgrounds to effectively and economically review medical records and to update our state-of-the-art medical database.

Appellate Experience

Our practice group includes seasoned appellate attorneys who are often called upon to salvage others' unsatisfactory trial outcomes. We know the law, the courts, and the judges, and our appellate attorneys can help present issues for a successful appeal.

Preventive Services

Along with risk management advice, we offer an array of preventive services designed to acquaint clients and key personnel with effective techniques for minimizing exposure to product liability-related loss or controlling exposure when a suit has been filed. We counsel clients on compliance with regulations, labeling, warning, and sales and distribution products. We can help clients make decisions regarding record keeping protocols when designing or redesigning products to help minimize exposure to loss.